Two Strand Flat Twist and Bantu Knot Out


The two strand flat twist and bantu knot out is a cute style that offers the best of both worlds, you get elongated waves at the roots and great curl definition curl at the tips. So if you are looking for a stretched out defined curl then this method is definitely something you should try.The a two strand flat twist and bantu knot out method is done by youtuber NaturallyNellzy who has great medium length 4 type hair which has a great color to it.


She starts off this tutorial on wet hair, she parts a medium size section of her hair going down her head, adds moisture to the strands and begins to flat twist. A flat twist out is basically a cornrow but instead of braiding the hair you twist it. Making sure she adds extra moisture to her ends she continues to twist all the way to the tip, she then curls up the ends in a bantu knot. Rather than using bobby pins she tucks the ends underneath the knot to secure it from falling out. After repeating this process all over her head she leaves it overnight to set. The taking out process seems very easy there is not much separating to be done.


The two strand flat twist and bantu knot out gives an elongated wavy look at the roots and big ringlet curls at the tips, so you get length and curl definition with this style which is great. Overall this style is very good on shrinkage because flat twists achieve a more stretched out curl pattern.


Doing bantu knots at the end is a great alternative to curl your ends if you don’t perm rods or rollers and are probably more easy to sleep in too which is a great bonus.The two strand flat twist and bantu knot out are relative easy to do and to take out so it is definitely more time friendly technique than other curl defining methods.

Final Thoughts and Advice

The two strand flat twist and bantu knot out doesn’t get the full 5 star rating from us for its curl definition. This simply because the curls are that fact that it has a wavy pattern than a curl pattern this is not actually a disadvantage especial if you prefer length over definition then this is would be excellent for you. However this method did not receive a low rating either because the bantu knots at the end do make up for the curl definition.

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