The Sponge Method



Do you have short natural hair and want to get coils? Well rather than coiling each individually strand which is time consuming you can opt for the sponge method, which creates coils on short natural hair in quick simple way. The sponge method was ordinarily used to start dreads or locs but it is also a style you can do on your short natural hair even if you don’t want locs, it is a great go to style. This tutorial is done by youtuber FueshaSpeaks who has short natural hair and we love the color she added to her hair too.


Before she begins she adds a lot of moisture to her hair so that it is easy to work with, then she takes a regular foam sponge (a sponge that you would normally use in the shower) but she makes sure that the sponge has holes in it, the reason for the holes is because the holes create the coils in the hair. She lightly rubs the sponge on a section of her head in a clockwise motion, and slowly moves the sponge around her hair until she has repeated this circler motion on every area of her head. The results are almost immediate and that is all there is to it.


The results are very chic and stylish.


The sponge method is an easy way to coil your hair the results are almost immediate and the whole process can literally take less than 5 minutes. However since the sponge method is really quick to do the results are less defined and precise than finger or comb coils.

Final Thoughts and Advice

This is not a style used to elongate your curls or add great definition, it is just a quick and easy style you can do with your short natural hair. Since it is for short hair only it is limited to who can actually do this style, however it is great for if you want to start twisting or locking your hair. If you want the coils more defined you can take longer rotating the sponge on each on each section and make sure to be gentle you don’t want your strands getting caught in the foam. sponges are designed to soak up moisture and for this reason many naturals have opted out of doing the sponge method in the fear of striping their hair of moisture.

DMC Verdict

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