Bantu Knot Out


This is a tutorial of a quick, easy, gorgeous bantu knot out method for medium length natural hair. It is a great heatless way to define your curls. The bantu knot out is a great method to style natural hair or even if you are relaxed or transitioning it also a great style to do. This Bantu Knot Out is done by Youtuber Intellectualelegance. To achieve the perfect bantu knot out she starts on stretched out dry hair this is for maximum length retention. Bantu knots are done by swirls a small section of hair around itself and then wraps it into a bun or knot like shape she then tucks the ends of the hair under the knot to secure it in place. This is repeated all over the head until the whole head is covered in bantu knots. She then leaves her to set overnight and uses her fingers to unravel the knots in the morning she separates it with her fingers and fluffs it out until she reaches her desired look. The results are chic and cute and easy to style.

The Method

She does the bantu knot out on stretched out dry hair, her hair is already well moisturized and dangled. She takes a small to medium amount of hair and begins to tightly swirls it around itself and then wraps it into a bun or knot like shape she then tucks the ends of the hair under the knot to secure it in place. She continues to do this all over her hair. Overall the bantu knot out method is very easy to unravel, and the curls are very springy and defined.


The result of the bantu knot out method is very fluffy, defined loose curls. this method gives you a very chic and cute look that can be easily style.


When taking the bantu knots out it does create a lot of frizz, especially when you are separating the curls so that is something to be mindful of. The curls are very true to her length and she been able to retain good length the fact that is worked on dry stretched out hair helped. The fact her hair was dry remember it was still well moisturized but not to the point where it was damp or wet otherwise that would defeat the purpose. The good thing about working on dry hair is that you don’t have to wait over night for your hair to dry so that is a great plus.

Final Thoughts and Advice

These bantu knots are very big but if you decide you want a smaller curl pattern you can do smaller bantu-knots. Generally bigger knots give a bigger, looser less defined curl and smaller coils will give you a tighter, more defined curl so you can manipulate the method to your desired look.
Depending on how tight you do your bantu knots they generally are supposed to be comfortable. Just make sure they don’t feel like they are tugging on your hair you don’t want to do them too tight and if it feels like it is giving you a headache then it is probably too tight.

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